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Welcome to Sailors Social Network, an Australian based company and we hope that you enjoy using the site and that you check back regularly for updates. Below is a guide to help you use the system more effectively.

Search - There are several criteria upon which you can search.  You can search for Male or Female, and we also have Crew & Sailing Buddies, for these use the Drop Down Boxon the Search page.  You can narrow it down by age, country of residence, sex and whether the profile includes a photo.  If you wish to see only profiles with photos the tick the 'Photo Only' box. Remember sailors move around so broaden the areas you look, and search ports you could be sailing to.  Some crew are willing to catch a plane to get to destinations and join a yacht.

If you wish to find an individual member, you may type their username directly into the 'Username' text box and click search.

Register - Basic registration is FREE. You need to register in order to place a profile as your registered Username is what identifies you in the system. You can edit your Profile and add photos in the Welcome Back page which you land on when you Login.  Tip: Enter your e-mail address carefully as your password is automatically sent to this address. If you make a mistake, you will not receive your password.

Login - As a member, you may login on the Home/Landing Page. Tip: If you forget your  username or password then you can have it resent by clicking on the 'resend password' link under the login box. Enter the e-mail address you registered with and we will send you the details you require.  If you have any issues email Administration with your Username and they will reset your password for you.

Add Photos - Photos are FREE to place and our studies found that if you place a photo you will be 9 times more likely to receive a response.  You can change and add photos at any time.  Its best to have several photos of yourself and your boat or one you have sailed on.  Tip: Try to keep the size of your photo smaller than 20k or you may have trouble uploading it (depending on your internet connection). You can use an image editor such as Paint Shop Pro to reduce the size of your image by cutting out unnecessary 'white space' and compressing the image.

Welcome Back - This page has different sections where under My Profile you can update your Profile and Add Photos.  There is a Mail box where you can view and reply to mail.  View your Flirts or who is Flirting with you.  You can also see Who's on Line and contant them to see if they would like a Video Chat.  There are other areas to like Whos Viewed Your Profile and Friend Requests.  There is a section on Account Settings which when you click on it takes you to My Information.  Here you can Amend Profile and Amend Registration, and change Passwords.   Create Blog when you click on here you can write about your sailing adventures.

Stay Safe - Scammers - Protect your pride, your heart and your bank balence.  Be aware that Scammers typically create fake online profiles to lure you in, often using trusted people like professionals.  Watch for the signs, poor English or diction, expressing strong emotions in a short time, asking for money for some personal emergency.  Never give out any personal information, phone numbers, addresses or bank details.  If in doubt Block them and notify the site so we can also Block them.  This software has a Scam Alert on it to protect you.

Messenger - The messenger feature gives you a private email box which can be found under the Profile of the Member you are interested in!  Sending a Message through this site is secure and you are not giving out any of your personal details.  They will be notified and can reply and you can proceed with messages. But by far the better way to connect is through Live Video Chat but ask permission first via Messenger!

Live Video & Chat Calls - 1.  Login and on your home page click the 'Online Now' button to view Members online.  You can see who's online on your Weclome Back page.  2.  Click any Member online.  3.  You will then see Live Video & Live Chat buttons, under their image.   4. Click one and you will get a popup screen.  5. The Chat has a separate popup, for short sentencing, click enter or return to display your message.   6. The Video also has a chat panel. The other user will get notification you are are on line.  If you don't make a time, or they don't click yes to accept your Video call you will not see them!  7.  Live Video Chat is Secure and safe!  You do not hand over personal details to a stranger.  You are in a secure place; your home or boat.  And you can cut off contact at any time, if the Member was offensive you can block them and or report them. You can expand the screen from the corners. Take advantage of this technology and you can say 'Hello' and have Virtual dates with sailors around the world.   If you are camera shy you can still make voice calls or have a private Chat!   Always ask permission for a visual call and set a time so you can both be ready and looking your best, 1st impressions matter!  Have fun!  

If you feel that something needs to be added to this help page let us know.