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Single Sailors! I Was One!


Single sailors! I know there are tens of thousands of you around the world because I was one! I’m presently living at a Marina that’s overflowing with single sailors. This may not be by choice! Some will sail solo … either because they like it that way or they have little choice as they don’t have a partner who sails or can’t find a suitable crew … so if they are going to follow their passion and sail …. it’s solo.

 If you are single and enjoy sailing this does not mean you don’t have friends that sail, a club where there are skippers looking for crew, just for a day sail or fun race, or if you own a yacht you could be lucky enough to have a ready crew you can sail with.

But we know it’s not that easy, sometimes we would just love a like minded person to share our passion …. To share the waves! Someone special, some romance and a soul mate to enjoy sailing adventures and the unique lifestyle with the possibility of going on extended cruises. Single Sailors

Is It Easy to Find a Mate?

Funny enough, in saying that having someone to sail with when I was a single sailor was never easy. Friends say they would love to come out with you, but other things get in the way, and you are often left with excuses, so I just gave up in the end. There are times that can be very lonely sailing on your own, and no denying the magical times too.

I remember being on a 3 month solo cruise up the east coast of Australia, I was anchored at a beautiful bay, the weather was perfect and it was just on sunset, and yes I had a glass of wine in my hand and some nibbles as I sat in the cockpit.

Suddenly alongside my yacht some dolphins leapt out of the water and put on a magnificent display, a commercial boat motored up close, it was full of tourists, they all had glasses in their hands and partners cuddling up close, laughing and sharing the sight of these amazing sea creatures at play.

As the dolphins left and with them the tourist boat, the sun went down over the horizon and I felt terribly alone! I didn’t have anyone to share the amazing sea creatures, the sunset or even the sunrise with and I ached for a soul mate. Have you been there too? Lonely! …. Ever wished you had a soul mate to share your

Adventurous life with. You now have the opportunity of finding that special someone … take a chance don’t pass it up its free for those that come on board early?

Can Sailing Forums be the Answer?

I have tried the Sailing Forums and come up with ladies with similar stories to myself …

“I’m hoping for a cruising partner to materialize somewhere along the line, but if not, I’ll be going alone ‘cause life is too short to wait for someone else to complete you even if that is what you really want!”

“I have lived to be 47 and I’m female. It would be nice to find a special guy to live aboard with, but right now a friend would be nice! I love sailing, swimming, ·snorkeling and traveling the seas to distant places. My goal is to live on the sea and get off this crowded land.”

“I am happy with who I am and where I am/what I do ….but then: If only I could find a lifelong best friend, not as in a relationship, but dedicated to each other anyway, sailing around the world… “

“I’m 57, female, single by choice and maybe I want to stay that way, not sure yet…sail, scuba, swim, snorkel, sand, sea, sun and a lot more S’s …! No, I didn’t mean ski or snow!!!!!” “I have had quite a few dates who were sailors, but just didn’t connect. Oh, well. There’s time to get to know them when out sailing…. And you do learn a lot more than on land about their habits and ways. But haven’t connected …do you know a nice sailor out there … But who and where? That’s the eternal question, ha ha ……”

“OK I will just get my own boat as I have had no luck here, (Singles Forum). Been looking at some nice ones (boats) and very reasonable. My roommate said she would go with me. So that’s the plan. I figure we will meet people along the way on our journey. I am not waiting either. Too many places to go, things to do and people to see! Peace Out!!”

So, none of these single sailors have had any luck in Sailing Forums, like me I never did! That is why while it’s an Introductory Offer and totally free with so many amazing features like live Video and chats, don’t pass up the chance of finding just who you are looking for on www.sailors-social-network.com  Put your profile up today … its easy!

·I meet and talk to a lot of guys I already know and they look at me as if I am crazy to want to live on a sailboat. They ask me why do you want to do that? This is what I tell them: No more lawn maintenance, you can leave and take your house with you when you’re sick of your neighbours, no more knocks on the door at 3am to ‘crash’ at your pad. No traffic jams, stop lights etc; …..just beautiful sunrises and sunset views all the time, travel to destinations that no car or plane can get to. You get to see places you would never otherwise see unless you sailed.

I also tell them that this world is made up of 75% water, 25% land, and the land is getting crowded! Then they look at me and ask …. “So, when are you getting that sailboat and when are we leaving?”

·“Most guys I know like the idea. And I agree that the “energy” or “chemistry” has to be there and you both love sailing. And yes it is hard to find that certain someone, but they do exist, you just have to search in the right places.”

·“Most people can’t take off because of their jobs or kids. I am going to be sailing by the end of the year and I will need a crew. Then I will be free of the rat race!”

These are some of the comments by single sailors in Forums and I have more personal letters addressed to me … do you understand their sentiments … are you in a similar situation?

What Was My Experience?

I know I was, I owned a yacht and I was sailing in one of the most beautiful sailing grounds on the planet, the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia …… and I was a solo sailor not always by choice.

Most times I desired some romance on board a soul mate to sail with but would have settled for a sailing buddy, and when I sailed the Tasman Sea from New Zealand to Australia, and up the coast of Queensland I did manage to get crew most times.

So, I understand …That’s why I am dedicating my time to developing a site for the single sailing community in search of soul mates, sailing buddies and crew! Single Sailors Seeking Mates is the site so take advantage of the Introductory Offer FREE while we build up a likeminded sailing group worldwide!!

Someone has to arrive at the party 1 stand they get all the added benefits, try it out, put your Profile up and navigate through live Video and Chat calls FREE! Come on board in the Introductory Stage…www.sailors-social-network.com  Join Now!